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NSA Leak, Sexual Assaults: Why Does President Obama Protect Pentagon Corruption, Nominating Same Wrong Leadership?

U.S. Joint Chiefs Chairman General Martin Dempsey speaks during a press briefing with Chief of the general staff of China's People's Liberation Army Fang Fenghui (not pictured) at the Bayi Building in Beijing April 22, 2013. REUTERS-Andy Wong-Pool
Credit: REUTERS/Andy Wong/Pool
Update 1 Aug 2013:  Yes, the corrupt Senate and Obama put this guy back for a second term today.  What a mistake.

Updated links. From Denny:  President Obama nominated Gen. Dempsey for a second term as Joint Chiefs Chairman at the Pentagon.  This coming week the Senate will decide whether to confirm him again - which they probably will do.  It's called rubber-stamping the same tired wrong doing.

This JC Chairman is the guy that knows more of what is really going on than the President does.  The President just lives under the illusion that he knows.

This JC Chairman is the guy who chooses what not to tell the President and Congress about where the money is really going.  This is the guy who sets up and approves of the private contractor deals, especially the secret ones that are no-bid contracts which the public and watchdog groups are not allowed to oppose or offer opinion.

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This is the same guy who is in charge of dealing with and prosecuting the one million plus sexual assaults and rapes in the military during the past four years.  It's common knowledge the Pentagon under reports everything, especially war dead and sexual assaults, and they have been doing it for decades.  Gen. Dempsey just keeps the tradition going.

Gen. Dempsey has told the public that he thinks it's quite difficult for his fellow military "to sit in judgment of a guy with a bunch of medals on his chest."  The military culture and prosecution process gives greater weight to the testimony of the career military accused than to the victim who may have only served a few years in the armed forces.  It's a kangaroo court culture set to lynch the raped victim every time.

Leave it to President Obama to protect this corrupt culture, refusing to support Sen. Gillibrand and many others in Congress to take away the military commanders' right to decide if a raped victim even has the right to prosecute his or her attacker.  It's a sign of perversion and a cavalier attitude that Gen. Dempsey never resigned when all these reports came out and when the many victims filed lawsuits in civilian courts because he refused to do the right thing.

Gen. Demspey and the Pentagon have fought decency and right doing every step of the way in this fight for victims to get treated with respect and receive justice.  Gen. Dempsey could care less about the victims.  The Pentagon has also fought Veterans Affairs in giving up the records needed to help get wounded veterans the medical help they need, resulting in years of waiting for PTSD help.  Gen. Dempsey never resolved this nasty issue either.  He is incompetent.  He is just putting in his time to collect his juicy $200K annual pension and then move into his lucrative job for a defense contractor as a lobbyist.

"Let's not rock the boat.  Let's not jump up and look like we are actually taking these problems seriously," say the Pentagon brass among themselves.  "We can lie to President Obama and Congress, divert them for a while and then wait for the next news cycle to get us off the hot seat.  Don't anybody resign for doing a lousy job.  Don't anyone resign for taking bribes.  Don't anyone resign for giving insider information to retired ex-CIA Director Gen. Petraeus when he calls."

Petraeus was hired by a hedge fund for only one reason:  to call his buddies at the Pentagon for insider information of what defense contracts are about to be signed.  After all it's the duty of any self-respecting sleazy hedge fund to find out ahead of their competition what stocks to buy before anyone else discovers it.  The profits are huge to make.

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Oh, and then there is the NSA Leak business.  What a mess.  At least Russia has her head screwed on straight.  The average Russian has sympathy for Snowden.  Calls are coming into his tiny transit area world from all across Russia.  They are sending him money to get by and offers to adopt him, as well as offers of a free place to stay.  Even President Putin has decided to put off making a decision about Snowden's temporary asylum until after President Obama visits in September for the G20 Summit.  Can the Russian sense of style in a tense situation get any better?

The head of the Air Force actually had the nerve to come out with a report claiming that Booz Allen was innocent of all responsibility for Snowden's ability to gather that NSA Leak information they all find so embarrassing - and damning.  Of course, the reason for issuing that report was so the lucrative contracts won by Booz Allen won't be suspended or cancelled.  After all, they literally make billions of dollars of profits annually from it.

So, the fox that's raiding the hen house is now saying he doesn't eat chicken?  Come on, really?  This is all on Gen. Dempsey's watch and with his complete approval.  Why would anyone think this guy is actually a leader?  Why would anyone trust his decisions or opinions?  Gen. Schwarzkopf was correct; this is a lousy amoral group of new leadership that came up in the Pentagon.  He warned us all they would harm the country.

The more President Obama believes the crap the Pentagon tells him the more ridiculous and weak he looks.  Why should the Pentagon be running the country instead of the President?  Why should anyone take the Pentagon's skewed and overly aggressive world view as the wisdom upon which our government should base its decisions and build its foundation for the future?  More on that tomorrow.  Meanwhile, this President really needs to ask himself why he is so willing to protect so many crooks at the country's expense.  Is it any wonder why his poll numbers are really dropping?

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Documentary film on rape in the military:  The Invisible War

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