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NSA Leak: Has NSA Demanded Your Credit Report Too? Are They Reselling Data Without Your Knowledge?

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From Denny:  The NSA pressured Google and other Big Tech companies to give up your search data without due legal course or your permission or knowledge.  The NSA demanded Facebook and other social sites give up all of their site's data on your network of friends and relatives, photographs and conversations, along with your credit card information and home address and phone number.  The NSA easily procured phone records from all the Big Communications giants like Verizon and AT&T so the NSA, the Pentagon, the Justice Department and the entire intelligence community (IC) now knows who you phone, when and where you are when you do so.

Has the NSA also pressured the Big Credit Reporting agencies like Equifax to turn over credit reports on every person in America?  Does the NSA have credit reports on every person in Europe too?  How about the world?  You know they do as it completes the full snitch report on every person alive.  That gives the NSA and the entire government access to and a history of everything you ever owned, where you have lived, where you have worked and every credit card you have owned and where you bank.  It's easy to profile you from there...

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Then there is also your so-called private medical records.  There is a reason why President Obama demanded all of that be digitized and placed online.  The Big Insurance companies also gave you up to the government on all the information they collect.  So, now the NSA and the government have complete access to every area of each person's life and everyone in America and now the world.  What are they planning to do with all this information?  What are they already doing with this massive amount of very personal information?

There is a reason why the NSA has built such a huge facility just to house the gazillion plus bytes of information they have gathered going on past seven years now on the seven billion people on the planet.  Isn't anyone creeped out by this?

As a matter of fact the American public is creeped out by this NSA snooping and the anger is growing.  Of course, President Obama and the Pentagon are busy getting polls done to find support.  It really does matter just how the poll is worded in order to create the response desired.  Check out this Gallup poll just after the NSA Leak story broke when the majority of Americans were furious about the snooping.

The NSA made some serious deals with The Devil when they farmed out to private contractors all your information.  Private contractors make up 70 percent of the data analysis for the IC.  People you know nothing about have access to your credit report, your home, your family, your friends, your phone at any time of day and night and every day too.  Who knows, maybe they have a camera up your ass too?  Hope they enjoy the view and have taken snapshot selfies for "posterior,"  uh, posterity.  Knowing these pervs at the NSA they probably did.  They are part of the pervvy Pentagon culture that is sex crazy out of control raping men and women yet fail to be prosecuted and thrown in jail.

Does anyone find it incredibly annoying how everyone from a bank to a credit card to a social site all tell you how you "can opt out" to the privacy issues of data collection?  Did it occur to anyone it's because of their tie in to the government snooping of our data those sites are collecting?  Isn't it strange how you have to jump through hoops to tell any site "No!"?  Shouldn't the question be "Will you allow us and the government to snoop on any data we want?"  Well, of course they are not going to phrase it that way then everyone would automatically say "No!"

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The NSA Leak story is growing American and global dissatisfaction with President Obama and his nosy government intent upon violating civil liberties, privacy and constitutional rights.  Just take a look at how sinister is their chasing of Where's Waldo Edward Snowden, the NSA Leaker.  He should have been considered a whistleblower and those whistleblower laws honored yet Obama has never honored those laws during his two terms.  Even odious President Bush 43 did better than Obama on this one.

Instead, Obama and Congress and the Pentagon are so threatened by what is about to be revealed they are claiming Snowden is a traitor and they have the right to torture and kill him.  They have threatened Snowden and his family at every turn.  Now President Obama and his thug Justice Department are claiming they won't torture Snowden now.  So, that means they - the NSA and the Pentagon - were planning to use torture on Snowden once he was in their custody.

This Obama government, the IC and the Pentagon are all out of control and just plain corrupt.  They have completely trashed diplomatic immunity, the sovereignty of a number of countries and shredded the constitutional rights of every person in America and beyond with this NSA and its many programs and their chase of Snowden.  They break the law at every turn yet all the while claiming they are preserving the law.  Come on; really?!

Americans are highly suspicious of what our government is doing and why.  More than 70 percent in this Pew Research poll truly believe the government is using this data for more than just investigating terrorism. Of course, the government points to this same poll, claiming how 56 percent support the NSA.  Not true.  It's also "narrowly positive" in that it only applies to terrorism snooping not the widespread "everyone is fair game" snooping.  If the public were truly that supportive they would not be so angry and suspicious with a strong belief our government really is doing a whole lot more than terrorist chasing.

The real question is why are the private contractors not getting investigated and jailed for using our most personal data for profit?  Why is there no impeachment process underway for President Obama to be removed from office for violating the Constitution at every turn and breaking the law?  Oh, that's right, Congress and the courts are equally complicit in the wrong doing and law breaking because this is a corrupt government.

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