Saturday, July 20, 2013

Funny Lewis Black Duels With Texas Gov. Perry: Dont F*** With New York

 (Photo credit: Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff)

From Denny:  GOP conservatives really know how to milk their relationship with the Comedy Gods.

As a loyal and solid New Yorker, Comic Lewis Black of The Daily Show took issue with the ridiculous ad from Texas Gov. Rick Perry.

The governor was promoting his state, hoping to lure like a wicked spider, uh, to attract businesses to the Lone Star State.

The problem is that he was doing it at the expense of calling all the other states in the Union absolute putzes (code word for Richard Craniums which is a code word phrase for... yeah, you know what).

The Lewis Black Rant is famous for making us laugh so much and so loudly that the sound deafens all the worries of the world.  Take a listen and vote for New York in the competition game of life!

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