Wednesday, March 18, 2015

Bibi Defies God To Steal Election: Time For U.S. to Quit Funding Israel?

Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu waves
 to supporters at the party headquarters in Tel Aviv.
REUTERS/Amir Cohen

From Denny:  OK, everyone, get as far away as possible from the physical proximity of Netanyahu as you can.  Run.  This man is about to get hit with Heavenly lightning bolts that will burn him to a crisp.  God is furious with Bibi for defying Holy Spirit's instruction to step aside and relinquish power.

Yeah, Netanyahu was praying so loudly to God to retain power that I could hear God's angry reply all the way over here in my writer's cave in south Louisiana, the U. S.  Bibi defied God and declared he was going to take the election in spite of what God told him.

And we all know you don't blaspheme Holy Spirit and get away with that level of crass spiritual rebellion, especially if you are Jewish.  There is a reason God calls the Jews his Chosen People. It's because if you can take the most rebellious folks on the planet and teach them spiritual obedience, then, well, anyone is capable of learning it too.  Bibi seriously screwed up by forcing his will against God's.

Bibi is so clueless that he doesn't even realize he is already circling the drain before he makes his first speech as the "reelected" crook.  It didn't help any that he used racism and fear mongering as a kick starter.  Yeah, that really helps advance humanity on the development scale.  (serious eye rolling happening at our house)

Of course, to ensure his fragile hold on a win, Bibi stole the election because the U. S. Republicans showed him how to do it.  If the shocked and surprised Israeli pollsters are smart they will do some digging and investigation into how this election was stolen because American pollsters "enjoyed" the same experience in the same manner for the last U. S. election ...

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Isn't it interesting how people like Bibi have facial "tells" - and some very unusual word choices - that let you know when they are lying and happily inform you they have just stolen an election?  The Republicans have supplied their own crooks to show Bibi how to steal the election just like the GOP recently stole the 2014 U. S. election.  Of course, the Democrats are too horrified to do anything about it because they have this misguided notion that the public would be too shocked and couldn't handle it.  Who are they kidding?  The public already knows elections have been stolen and is more disgusted no one is addressing political corruption on the highest levels of government that the public has lost all respect for this President and this Congress.

Now that Bibi is flush with his love of what he believes is unlimited power, he has joined the Gang of Fools like Putin.  I'm telling you this does not bode well for Israel or anyone stupid enough to ally themselves with Bibi.  Now that Bibi has peed on an American President as he did President Obama, and allied himself with only one U. S. political party, the Republicans, it's time to carefully and fully reexamine the U. S. relationship with Israel.

Through Bibi, Israel has repeatedly disrespected Americans, flying the finger eagle at us every chance he gets.  That bonehead stupid move of addressing Congress while disrespecting the office of the president was when he went too far.  That man promises the moon to get elected.

A demonstrator holds a sign during a rally near the Israeli Consulate in New York
A demonstrator holds a sign during a rally near the Israeli Consulate 
in New York, March 3, 2015. REUTERS/Shannon Stapleton

Netanyahu used the American people to game his election, and the political stage of addressing the U. S. Congress, acting like he was actually welcomed by the American people, when he was not.  Bibi is an opportunist and a total user. 

Isn't it time the U. S. quit allowing Israel to disrespect us after 60 years of protecting them and funding them?  These guys are a bunch of ingrates, too obnoxious to appreciate the long term investment the American people have made in them.  Perhaps it's time Israel went off on its own, devoid of any U. S. help - be it military or financial.

Bibi demands our U. S. money and the blood of our sons and daughters to fight any war he chooses to start.  Just how arrogant is this guy?  He acts like the Saudis, working to get us to fight their religious fights for them, spending our time, our money, and, most important of all, our blood.

If I were Obama I would immediately halt all money earmarked for anything Israeli.  I don't care what it is.  Throw in a few sanctions for good measure just so Bibi knows we mean business, don't you know.  Perhaps it's time the U. S. taxpayers kicked Israel off of our welfare rolls.  Israel thinks they don't need America's approval for anything.  That's fine.  They also don't need our goodwill or our friendship because the way Bibi has treated the U. S. and Obama is certainly not how you treat a long time friend.  It's the way you treat an enemy.

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Israel also doesn't need our money or our military might any longer.  Reclaiming those funds would go a long way toward rebuilding U. S. infrastructure instead of wasting good money after bad on the Middle East feuds, fights, wars and the general stupidity of political opportunists and users like Bibi.

And, an FYI to the snarky GOP war room guys who have been redirecting my blogs' traffic to reduce the numbers, believing themselves to be terribly clever and stealthy:  Did you think I wouldn't know it was you?  Yeah, God tells me everything.  He also deals with everyone who does petty, mean-spirited, vengeful acts after the Truth was spoken to them.  For those of you who did not participate: step away from the fools if you don't want to be on the receiving end of God's ire.  This is the new season that God is on the war path against bad world leaders and bullies.  The smart people will be getting out of God's way.  I'm just saying...

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