Thursday, October 14, 2010

Chilean Miners Video: All 33 Miners As They Emerged From Mine and More

Listen to rescued miner Mario talk about getting out more Love in the world.

From Denny: Doctors were quite surprised that enduring 10 weeks underground has not taken a physical toll on the 33 Chilean miners. One requires dental surgery, another has high blood pressure and another is diabetic. So far no issues with mental health.

Today, the miners requested books on how to deal with sudden fame. They also called in a lawyer to draw up documents for dealing with future requests for interviews, book and movie deals. In yet another show of unity, the miners have decided that if they are to benefit financially from this ordeal and rescue then they will all share equally.

What do the miners have to say to the the 2,000 news organization covering the story? "We will not talk unless you pay us." These guys are a force to be reckoned with, that's for sure. It's like they are their own union.

The third video clip is great. It has the clips from all 33 miners and their waiting relatives as they surfaced from the mine. CNN did a great job of some split screen viewing so you could see the palpable emotion at the site as each miner was brought up from underground. These are constant close-ups where you can also overhear what the Chilean President was saying. Sorry, no English subtitles, though there is some English translation at the end as the 33rd miner thanked the rescuers and the President.

The fourth video clip is from Mario, the miner who started leading cheers on the sidelines with his rescuers after he emerged from the mine. Here he thanks everyone involved with the rescue, rambles a bit, remembering his spiritual experience underground, but then he begins talking about the importance of having values and experiencing Love. I think we are going to be hearing a lot from this man in the future, as he learns how to tighten his message, promoting Love in the world. We are witnessing something quite extraordinary in its early stages with these miners.

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