Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Prez Obama Interviews At The Daily Show With Jon Stewart

Check out the class act of the President talking with Jon Stewart.

From Denny: Prez Obama did a great job pressing his case for why to vote for him and the Democrats come November 2nd. This was one of those better interviews where the President actually gets to talk in sentences longer than idiot sound bites and the interviewer is not playing the stupid game of "gotcha journalism." Oh, that our politicians would talk like this in public with one another like in this give-and-take interview, disagreeing without launching into the character assassination wars.

Chip Bok

Prez Obama listed his historic accomplishments, much of which the Democratic Party has done a lousy job of promoting in detail so that people fully understand the complexities of it all - and often enough - to remain uppermost in the voters' minds. What he also discussed in regard to the economy is how a good seven million jobs were lost before he took office and in the first six months he was gearing up with his economic policies to head off the economic firestorm.

On CNN, after viewing this interview on The Daily Show, two Republicans testily discussed Obama's remarks about former economic policy maker, Larry Summers, referring to Obama's off-hand sarcasm using President Bush's saying about "doing a heckuva job." Actually, Obama sung the praises of Summers yet Gergen took offense, misunderstanding the exchange with Stewart. Gergen and Blitzer ought to get their facts straight and listen to the interview in its entirety. Either that or they are too dense to catch the sarcasm. They owe Prez Obama an apology. Obama never dissed Summers, you dummies. What he dissed was the "heckuva job" phrase from Bush.

Obama also talked about how cumbersome government is that it takes forever to get something done the voters want done yesterday. It's because of the filibuster nonsense where no one ends up forced to compromise.

There are still a lot of things on the President's agenda like immigration reform, education, alternative energy development and infrastructure repair and innovation. He says all of these areas are necessary to move America into the next century.

In essence, vote for the Republicans and America returns to the days of slave wages and horse and buggy technology. Vote for the Democrats and this country stands a chance of digging itself out of the severe economic hole and start providing for the prosperity of the future.

Barack Obama Pt. 1

Barack Obama believes a lot has been accomplished over the last 18 months in very difficult circumstances.

Barack Obama Pt. 2

Barack Obama disagrees with the notion that the health care bill is timid when 30 million people are going to get insurance as a result.

Barack Obama Pt. 3

Barack Obama says changing the legislative process and reducing the power of special interests is a work in progress.

This is pretty funny:

Moment of Zen - Obama Will Not Be at the Rally
Robert Gibbs explains why Barack Obama won't be at the Rally to Restore Sanity with a twirl of his finger.

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