Friday, October 29, 2010

Jon Stewart Interviews Obama Economic Advisor Austan Goolsbee

Check out the latest from the Obama economic advisor about the state of the American economy.

From Denny: One of the Obama economic advisors is Austan Goolsbee. Jon Stewart interviewed him recently about what exactly is going on in the economy and how The Obama Economic Team is grappling to get its hands on this runaway monster. They recognize the difficulties in getting down the unemployment rate. One of the ways in which they are taking measures to do so is by funneling credit to small businesses so they can hire. After all, it's the small businesses who are the heroes of the economy. Small businesses hire 80 percent of the workers in America.

This guy, Austan Goolsbee, is a straight shooter as he discusses what the President and his economic team are dealing with on a daily basis. Interesting stuff! And you know the biggest reason this video clip is on my blog is because Stewart lets the interviewed actually talk, minus all the "gotcha" dumbed-down journalism.

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