Friday, October 8, 2010

Rapping Politically Slamming Poetry Inspired By Rally to Restore American Sanity

The politics of insanity in this election season inspires this poet who is well worth the listen as he reflects the frustration of American voters.

From Denny:  Thanks, Blake, for sending in this video poem from your heart. Your frustration with the spin doctors making American minds sick is a widespread view across the nation. While we are restoring sanity to this country we need to restore common decency for our fellow Americans instead of this idiot mentality of  the "divide and conquer" strategy to get back into political office.

To my readers, Blake's excellent poem is well worth the listen. The lyrics are so good it deserves its own song. The Big However is that if you have delicate sensibilities about the "F" word, well, it's sprinkled here and there - yet for appropriate reason in this performance poem. It's art; it's politics. It's definitely all heart.

*** Here's the original post to which Blake sent in his responding comment: Funny Video: Jon Stwart Announces Restore to Sanity Rally

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