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Posts Roundup at Dennys Blogs - 25 Oct 2010

Check out news, political opinion, political humor and funny cartoons, recipes, poetry, funny posts, photography, science, spiritual thoughts and great quotes.

From Denny: Check out the funny political season along with the crazy Halloween taunts mixed in and life is ever, oh, so entertaining! Plenty this week to amuse, educate and entertain you - as I'm catching up the past three weeks of posts. Note to self: Never take time off - OK, not! :)

I've included some of the more popular posts at the humor blog as well since people come blasting in at Dennys Funny Quotes every Monday through Wednesday looking for funny relief for their work week. Thanks for visiting all the blogs and your great support all year!

The Social Poets:

American and World Economy Cartoons - 24 Oct 2010 - Check out the national mind and opinions of our economy through the eyes of cartoonists.

American Political Season - 23 Oct 2010 - This sure is a mean - and more competitive than usual - political season.

Friday Lite: Funny Elvira Spoofs I Am Not A Witch Ad - Where Halloween humor meets political humor in America.

CNN Interviews Outted American Spy Valerie Plame About Traitors - Check out this explosive interview about the truth of the outting of one of America's successful spies tracking down rogue nukes in the world.

Roundup of Late Nite Jokes and Videos - 18 Oct 2010 - Check out this week's late night jokes, latest cartoons, funniest video clips from Stephen Colbert and Jon Stewart.

American Economy and Crazy World Politics - 16 Oct 2010 - To our politicians: the nation's cartoonists are watching you... Check out their latest opinions about the state of the economy, the current election season and world politics

Popular President Clinton On The Economy, Mid-Term Election, Wedding - America's most popular ex-President talks about how to get the economy jumpstarted and the serious erosion of the middle class if the election is turned over to the Republicans.

Chilean Miners Video: All 33 Miners As They Emerged From Mine and More - Listen to rescued miner Mario talk about getting out more Love in the world.

1 Billion Worldwide Watch 33 Chilean Miners Rescued From Abyss - Check out the jubilant celebrations as the miners are rescued today.

Monday Lite: Roundup of Late Night Jokes and Videos - 11 Oct 2010

American Economy and Crazy Politics - 9 Oct 2010 - Check out this week's latest political humor from the nation's cartoonists. The Tea Party wins hands down on the most talked about this election season.

Poem From God - Libations Friday 8 Oct 2010 - Even God has a sense of humor about how to handle repeated rejection. Take a look.

Rapping Politically Slamming Poetry Inspired By Rally to Restore American Sanity - The politics of insanity in this election season inspires this poet who is well worth the listen as he reflects the frustration of American voters.

Prez Obama Slaps Down Big Banks For Shady Home Foreclosure Bill - Obama catches last minute sleaze Republicans and Big Banks tacked on into new bill to cheat homeowners of their consumer protection rights while in foreclosure.

Obama Investigates: Big Banks Screw Up Home Foreclosures - Learn how the Big Banks just screwed themselves out of all their profits.

Posts Roundup at Dennys Blogs - 5 Oct 2010 - Check out news, political opinion, political humor and funny cartoons, recipes, poetry, funny posts, photography, spiritual thoughts and great quotes.

Beautiful Illustrated Quotations:

Inspiring Quotes About Dealing With Rejection - Some great advice from famous people about handling rejection.

11 Inspiring Quotes and Poem About Dealing With Rejection - Check out this mind food when you need to pick yourself back up from rejection.

A Delightful Way Of Seeing Our Lives

How Do You Fit Into The Universe?

How Well Do You Handle Adversity?

President Theodore Roosevelt Quote About Courage

Do You Promote Others As Well As Yourself?

Meditative Moon Photos - The moon continues to fascinate humanity - and creative photographers.

7 Thoughtful Quotes About The Future - Enjoy these reflections upon how we think about our future.

A Healing Spiritual Poem: Waking The Day - Spiritual symbolism is all around us in our daily life, ready to help heal and balance.

Ancient Healing Oil: Sandalwood - Modern technology life can be stressful and counter productive to spiritual growth. Try this essential oil to bring balance into your life.

Dennys Funny Quotes:

Funny Work Cartoons - 25 Oct 2010 - When your life does not seem to be quite all together - get a grin to make your day good again.

Funny Video: Scientists Study Drugged Spiders - Check out the crazy antics of these drugged spiders.

42 Monday Morning Funny Coffee Quotes, Coffee Cartoon

Funny Photos: Voraciously Hungry Birds - Check out some startling photos of birds as they catch some unusual finds for their dinner tables - complete with irreverent commentary.

Funny Video: Colbert Fuses Halloween Holiday With March To Keep Fear Alive

Funny Video: Jon Stewart Reveals Rally to Restore Sanity Location

Funny Situational Hunh?! Are You Kidding?! Cartoons - 16 Oct 2010 - Check out the latest funny finds from America's cartoonists this week.

Funny Situational Hunh?! Cartoons - 9 Oct 2010 - Check out some hilarious thoughts about how to approach life from this week of cartoonists.

Funny Video: Jon Stewart Scorches Big Banks 4 Accidental Foreclosures

Funny Video: Jon Stewart Comments On CNN Firing Bigot Rick Sanchez

Funny Video: Jon Stewart Reveals Rednecks Living in Delaware

Funny Video: Colbert Looks At Tea Party Coloring Books For Kids

Murphys 15 Laws About Sex - Yet another funny list joke making the rounds.

Funny Video: Surfing Group Known as The Radical Rodents - Laugh at these funny talented rodents surfing the waves in Australia.

Funny Legal News Story: The Case of a Contraceptives Miss-taken Use - Laugh at this funny use for a contraceptive that exemplifies the kind of humorous cases found in our court systems every day sure to amuse us!

Funny Video: Colberts Sound Advice on How to Get a Job - Bad economy? No problem. Comic Stephen Colbert to the employment rescue to help you land that all important life-changing job.

25 Ridiculously Funny Celebrity Duck Face Photos - Laugh at celebrities posing for the camera, mocking sexy.

Visual Insights:

Funny Life Cartoons - 21 Oct 2010 - Get a grin today while tripping through the cracked minds of some talented cartoonists while they explore our lives and give us their opinions.

Art and Music Videos: Chinese Painting Demo and The Misty Rain of Jiangnan in China - This music video is great for meditation.

Music Video: From Enya - The First of Autumn - Enya pairs some beautiful autumnal photos with music.

Music Video: Classic Happy Song from Belle Stars - Iko Iko - This catchy song will have you dancing in no time, looking silly to the neighborhood - and you won't care 'cause you will feel so good.

The Soul Calendar:

Funny Tech Cartoons - 22 Oct 2010 - Get a grin as cartoonists entertain us with their take on the technology of the day and the influence upon society.

Are These Fossils The Earliest Traces Of Complex Life? - Check out what was happening on the Earth over two billion years ago as scientists discover new fossils to shed new light on how Life evolved here.

How Northern Lights Are Created By Sun Flares - Check out 3 video clips of the solar flares and magnetic filament in action as they create the Northern Lights on Earth.

Giant Asteroid Threatens Earth In 170 Years - Crank up the planet asteroid defense system because Earth is expecting an asteroid impact soon - by astronomical time.

Popular Funny X-ray Pin-Ups Calendar: Stripped to the Bone - Definitely this is a fit for the strange but true category and amusing too.

Why Black Holes Burst With Light When Galaxies Merge - Scientists got good news about the odd behavior of supermassive black holes from NASA's cosmic gossip, the Swift satellite.

Big Oil Nixs Competing Aviation BioFuel: NASAs Project OMEGA - Big Oil finds ways to eliminate the competition from taking over any segment of the fuel market in the world.

Mapping Our Complex Brains: Human Connectome Project - Fascinating new project mapping the complex circuitry of our brains.

Brain: Relationship of Thinning of Brain's Cortex Linked to Depression

Bad News for Teachers: Research Says Doodling Boosts Concentration

Dennys Food and Recipes:

Drink: Chocolate Martini - A chocolate martini, with the glass rim coated with fresh pear and shaved chocolate, for that perfect sip.

Candy: Almond Brittle - The best combination ever invented: almonds and chocolate. Enjoy this chef recipe of a few ingredients.

Chocolate: Chocolate Risotto - Enjoy a rice pudding style dessert made with chocolate.

Chocolate: Beef Stew With Chocolate - This Chef David Rocco is on a roll with awesome savory recipes using dark chocolate as a star ingredient.

Chocolate: Penne Pasta with Chocolate and Anchovies - Another creative food thought from Chef David Rocco.

Appetizer with Chocolate: Sauteed Shrimp Drizzled with Chocolate - Check out this unusual dish employing chocolate as a spice.

Pair With Pork: French Onion Casserole - Cooked slowly onions can turn wonderfully sweet. Try this easy casserole for your holiday or weekend dinner.

Healthy Recipe: Fiesta Southwestern Cheesecake, Oven Baked French Toast - Check out a creative beautiful dish that is a lower calorie version of our favorite Mexican flavors.

Halloween: Caramel Apples From Culinary Institute of America - Check out how easy and less expensive it is to make your own caramel apples for the spooky season.

Cake Tuesday: Bobby Flays Awesome German Chocolate Cake - A special cake for celebrations and the holidays! Recipe and video.

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