Wednesday, October 20, 2010

CNN Interviews Outted American Spy Valerie Plame About Traitors

Check out this explosive interview about the truth of the outting of one of Americas successful spies tracking down rogue nukes in the world.

From Denny: The movie about this odious incident is coming out now and is well represented as to the truth of what happened. Here Plame and her husband discuss all the garbage that Bush, Cheney and Rove threw at them. Rove was angry that Wilson, a former ambassador, refused to lie for them about nukes in Iraq.

Because of personal pettiness, Rove and crowd blew up a successful intelligence network that was rounding up the rogue nukes in the world. In short, Plame was protecting Americans. Rove and crowd trashed that protection and sent packing all that experience - all the while falsely claiming they were aggressively pursuing terrorists. What a joke. Not to mention people died because of their pettiness as several of the informants were found out and killed.

Since I grew up inside the CIA, I know first hand how our own American officials threaten children as it happened to me. Of course, all it did was make me angry instead of fearful and they lived to regret those threats. They didn't call me The Wild Card for nothing. What a bunch of weasels, going around threatening kids, American kids they are supposed to protect, not kill.

Now, all these decades later since my experience, not much has changed in the American government or intelligence community. At least I lived to tell about it. There isn't a day that doesn't go by that I wonder how many people did not survive the same kind of situation I lived.

American government officials and politicians still threaten little kids - evidenced here as Plame, and the movie, assert. American politicians should be ashamed of themselves. Better yet, if we had an Attorney General's office with any balls we would take these people to task for threatening the children of CIA officers.

Joe Wilson is correct: Rove, Cheney and Bush are all traitors, according to the law of the land. Since when is anyone above the law? Only the corrupt allow this to stand.

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