Friday, October 22, 2010

Friday Lite: Funny Elvira Spoofs I Am Not A Witch Ad

Where Halloween humor meets political humor in America.

From Denny:  Just in time for the funny Halloween season! We have a maybe former or maybe now witch running for the Vice President's former Senate seat in Delaware. Can American politics get any stranger? Christine O'Donnell is the current darling of the boistrous Tea Party.

Speaking of the Tea Party, it just came out today that they were never some sudden grassroots movement that rose up in anger to answer Prez Obama's policies. Turns out they were organizing 32 days after Obama  took office and before he even had a chance to announce his  policies. Duh. The Republicans at work, fomenting fear and anger in America. Not much changes on that front. Racists are what racists do.

What is funny this week is that Elvira, the cheeky and self-proclaimed Mistress of the Dark, is lamenting the state of late night TV. She's only been doing this gig for about 40 years now. It's downright spooky that she doesn't seem to age. Maybe there is something to her denial of actually being a practicing witch. :) So she claims.

Hmmm... Of course, Elvira is always amusing and this time in her new spoof video, riffing off O'Donnel's "I Am Not A Witch" campaign ad to try and calm down her running-away-from-her-like-rats-from-a-sinking-ship supporters. Elvira says, she is "like everyone else, except with, ah-hem, bigger assets."

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