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Military Sexual Assaults: Finally Time For Entire Pentagon Chiefs to Resign?

FILE – In this May 17, 2013 file photo Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff, Gen. Martin Dempsey, speaks during a Pentagon news conference about sexual assaults in the military, among other topics. Dempsey and the four-star chiefs of the services are scheduled to testify Tuesday, June 4, 2013, at a high-stakes Senate hearing on congressional proposals to modify the military justice system to stem the flow of the escalating number of sexual assaults that have outraged Republicans and Democrats on Capitol Hill. (AP Photo/Carolyn Kaster, File)
Gen. Dempsey, Chairman Joint Chiefs of Staff

From Denny:  After a damning report that revealed 26,000 sexual assaults just in 2012 alone, you would think someone over at the Pentagon would resign in shame.

After 3400 plus officially reported cases that actually went up the chain of command from a few brave commanders not willing to cover it up, there were only 190 of those 3400 plus sexual assaults and rapes that went to court.  No one resigned in shame for this pathetic record.

Then a military jury found a man guilty of sexual assault and a general overturned their jury verdict because he didn't like their decision.  After all, the jury was handpicked to give that general the not guilty outcome he desired and they dared to defy him.  He didn't resign in shame because legally a superior officer can overturn a conviction.  

Many senators in Congress are poised to take that legal right out of the military's hands.  It should have been done 30 years ago when women were entering the military and military academies, suffering sexual assaults and gang rape at alarming rates.  Most cases that were reported to commanders never went up the chain of command.  The military cover-up culture was in full tilt mode then as much as today.

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Another military officer in the news recently was in charge of the sexual assault sensitivity training program was found to have sexually assaulted a woman in a public parking lot.  He did not resign or suffer any career setback.

Then it comes out that the one former military woman who was raped and found justice in a civilian court revealed what really happens in the military after a woman is sexually assaulted or even gang raped.  She is sent to a military hospital where the evidence is gathered and then "misplaced and can't be found" or outright destroyed to prevent prosecution of the criminals.  Did any commander or the Joint Chiefs of Staff cowardly dishonorable crowd resign?

Then you hear the Joint Chiefs Chairman, Gen. Dempsey, express his and every other military officer's reticence to discipline or convict any male solider "who has a bunch of medals on his chest."  Instead, it's the military culture to discount the word of the victim because "she is not an officer" or "hasn't been in service as long as the accused."  Really?  Beyond just Gen. Dempsey's attitude there are also military judges giving this "advice" to military juries before deliberating.

And Dempsey did not realize how depraved his words sound to the ears of all women?  Did he resign after making lame excuses for the criminals?  Nope.  He and his fellow generals possess such low emotional intelligence they really don't see anything wrong with women getting raped by their superior officers and getting told to just "put up with gang rape because there will be more so you might as well get used to it."

Now the latest insult to military women is all the military officers daring to whine about how stripping them of any right for a commander will "seriously hurt the trust the troops have in their commanders."  Come on; really?  Don't these thick-headed idiots in the Pentagon leadership understand that now their rotten culture has been revealed no one trusts their judgment or decisions?  

After the 2012 report of 26,000 sexual assaults what makes you think that any of the troops actually do trust their commanders?  Why don't they commission a confidential survey to find out just how little the troops trust their leadership?  Do you really expect women to wait another decade - as you have done in the past - before you decide to change any rules or even decide to implement them?

After the latest stupid argument to avoid investigations from outside the military and prosecutions in civilian instead of military courts you would think these guys would give it up and do the right thing.  Nope.  The Pentagon is still resisting change just like the Catholic Church did when molested victims came forward by the thousands all over the globe.  Just like the Catholic Church the Pentagon has excused the criminals in their midst, covered up for them and given them promotions.

President Obama should ask for the resignations of all the Pentagon chiefs.  The Pentagon has enjoyed their 30 years of terror upon military women - and some men - who were sexually assaulted by depraved animals masquerading as officers.  If the Pentagon had any honor left they all would resign on their own and save the President the effort of demanding their heads.

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