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NSA Leak Funny: White House, Justice Dept Are Dumb and Dumber Mishandling Case

Edward Snowden, Hong Kong, June 2013/Guardian

Update: Turns out the lame Justice Department could not get Snowden's middle name correct in the extradition documents - not James but Joseph is correct.

From Denny:  This NSA Leak case is one real life raucous comedy.  A comic could not ask for better material so readily available in the news, especially of how inept the entire United States government and Justice Department look to the world.

What President Obama has accomplished is to unite the entire world against the United States in their fury of getting spied upon and so thoroughly publicly embarrassed.  Nice going, guys.

All you had to do was refuse to prosecute Snowden and then proceed to bring him in from the cold early in this drama, placing him elsewhere inside the government in a position better suited to his abilities where he really could protect the public's interests.  Instead, President Obama chooses the heavy-handed approach that demanded Snowden remain out of grasp for his own physical safety.

This wrong unwise White House-Pentagon strategy played into the hands of America's enemies so they could gleefully join in on the play just to thwart Obama's plans.  Definitely, President Obama is a lousy international chess player.  Does this President ever bother to think several moves ahead of his harsh decisions?...

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America's worst international enemies, China, Russia, Venezuela, Ecuador and Cuba (last three of the ALBA Bloc) are now united and weighing in to give Snowden protection, moving him internationally (today said to be bound for Ecuador for asylum) just to embarrass President Obama.  Even the usually popular liberal Minority House Speaker Nancy Pelosi got booed and heckled at Netroots Nation 2013 this week when she foolishly denounced Snowden as a traitor to a young audience.

After arrogantly crowing the announcement of how Hong Kong was going to comply with the Justice Department's demand for extradition, the White House and the Justice Dept got their heads handed to them by Hong Kong.  Come on, guys, it should have been obvious that Hong Kong was never going to comply.  It was revealed how the NSA spied on them.  Clearly, this President does not understand the Chinese mindset or heart.

What made President Obama believe that Hong Kong was going to give him anything, let alone do his bidding ever so obediently?  America embarrassed them publicly.  The only proper Chinese response would be to slap back by allowing Snowden to leave the country.  As usual, Team Obama is as tone deaf on international politics as it is with the American people.  Didn't Sec. of State Kerry give the White House a heads up on what would be Hong Kong's response?

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After five years in office the percentage is shrinking smaller as to whether this Obama administration will ever use any Wisdom or become truly teachable for just the basics of effective and good government minus the arrogant attitude and ego histrionics. This President and Congress continually pass laws to enrich the already too wealthy and create double standard laws of which only the public must live by, not them.

Too much of American law has been abused, misused, outrageously manipulated and trampled just to stuff political wallets and protect personal military, intelligence and government turfs.  The Lady of Justice has definitely been blindfolded because she cannot bear to watch any longer.  This generation of government closes their eyes to the spirit of the law, slavishly promoting technicalities to advance their suspect agendas.

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Just check out the criminal complaint leveled against Snowden.  This crazy document is actually legal?  What a sorry piece of garbage.  They don't know a specific date as to when Snowden released information.  It's just listed as somewhere in the vicinity of "on or around May 2013."  It goes on to claim Snowden's offence occurred in "the county of Not Applicable, in the District of Not Applicable."  Really? So, the brilliant Justice Department of AG Eric Holder can't even decide when and where the offence happened and if they have jurisdiction in a particular district?

Can they even prove their case?  How will they?  Snowden could claim the information was sent to him and he was just acting as a journalist for the public interest.  And, since the Obama administration already backed off on journalists after the AP Scandal they now have boxed themselves in on this easy defense strategy.

Of course, the real gem in this story is finally some prominent lawmakers are beginning to question the legality of many of the NSA programs.  If Snowden has leaked information about illegal programs then he is shielded by the whistleblower laws, according to the General Accountability Project.  "This administration has continually sought to intimidate federal employees – particularly intelligence community workers – and suppress any attempt they might make to speak out against gross corruption, wrongdoing, and illegality," according to the whistleblower-protection organization.

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Remember, the NSA claims these surveillance programs and other various black projects don't really exist except in some deluded folks' imaginations.  So, in answer to that criminal complaint:  then Snowden did not reveal them because he cannot reveal what does not exist.  Since the criminal complaint claims just about everything they talk about is Not Applicable then this furor over Snowden is also Not Applicable.

All this garbage drama is really about is that a younger generation Millennial embarrassed a pack of cranky badly aging Baby Boomers and lying generals who are furious they were revealed to be the biggest bullies on the global block who are making boatloads of money as war profiteers conducting illegal projects.  These are the same guys who just can't seem to wind down two wars in Iraq and Afghanistan either after more than a decade and billions of dollars lost in the wind - or so they say.

Remember this too:  Congress passed laws so that they and the military-industrial complex all have immunity from being ruthlessly surveilled, anal-probed, tasered and photographed without warrants - unlike everyone else in the entire world.  Questions?

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