Wednesday, June 26, 2013

Funny Daily Show on NSA Leaker: Idiot Media Chase Wheres Waldo Snowden

From Denny:  Comic John Oliver tells it like it is when he labels the U.S. government as turned into the "sad ex-boyfriend" when Hong Kong refused to return Obama reps' pleading calls about giving back NSA leaker Snowden.  America kept calling back like the ex-lover that leaves far too many annoying texts and phone messages, making a fool of themselves.

Next up? The unprofessional "journalists" in the media are the ones who have insisted upon promoting Snowden as the center of the NSA leak story like it's an episode of Where's Waldo? They should be focused upon how the NSA broke trust with Americans and the rest of the world.  

Instead, the tabloid media chase Edward Snowden to Russia and board a plane Snowden was rumored to be on to travel to Cuba for refuge from the American government.  Of course, Snowden was a no-show on that flight.  What did the media do?  They took a 12-hour flight to nowhere without Snowden because they were locked inside the plane.  They took hundreds of photos of the empty airline seat and actually wrote reports like it was a news story and then tweeted the idiot photos.

Can it be that a comedian is a better journalist to report on the news than all the hordes of fools pretending to be journalists?  You decide.  I'll take a comic as my journalist peer sidekick any day compared to way too many of the sad excuses that call themselves journalists in mainstream media.  Even I never thought journalism would deteriorate to this low a level.  But hey, enjoy John Oliver's take on fools making fools of themselves - and in public! ...

NSA Leak: Has NSA Demanded Your Credit Report Too? Are They Reselling Data Without Your Knowledge?

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What about Snowden? Oh, come on; Mr. President, be a good sport and give back Snowden's American passport.  Let the guy travel to which ever country will take him.  Then send someone possessing real integrity that doesn't want to kill him and is not part of the government - like former international negotiator Sen. George Mitchell of Maine - to visit and talk with him.  Find out what he has, what he has held back, what he wants to avoid prosecution.  Find out where the security is weak and easy to penetrate and what it will take to shore up that sloppy mess.  Then make the damn deal and keep your word.  It's that simple.

After all, the Russians and the Chinese managed to figure out more about what the NSA was doing on their own than Snowden could tell them.  The people you should be chasing out of the American government are the NSA management and the pathetic private contractors like Booz Allen who should have had their contracts severed or at least suspended when this story broke.  Those are the guys you should really be angry at for such sloppy work concerning America's national security, intelligence gathering and analysis.

The investigations should center on them, especially just how much information both ends are selling as political intelligence to Wall Street and other governments.  Snowden is the least of your worries.  He's just the entertaining distraction:  a fast little mouse with a mouthful of tasty cheese that is not enough to fill a thimble.

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